June 17, 2024

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How to Teach Rummy in 7 Days to A Novice?

Indian Rummy is an interesting card game. The game is played indifferent parts of India with equal fervour. The game has been traditionally used as a form of entertainment during festivals, marriages and social gatherings. Even today, the game is very popular in India. Online as well as offline, people are eager to learn this card game. If some novice comes to you with hopes of learning this popular card game, here is how you can teach them the game in a week. Just follow the steps below so that the person knows exactly how to play Indian Rummy card game in just 7 days. Teach them and they will always appreciate your help.

Day 1: Start by Explaining the Rummy Terminology

It is very important that a rummy player clearly understands the rummy terminology. That is why it is important that you cover this in your first day of teaching. You need to make sure you cover the following rummy terminology if the person should understand the game further.

Dealer: The player who distributes the card is referred to as the dealer in card games.

Sequence: An arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values is referred to as a sequence. There are several types of sequences in rummy card games.

Pure Sequence: A sequence that is formed without the use of jokers is referred to as a pure sequence (natural sequence).

Artificial Sequence: A sequence that can make use of jokers for completion is referred to as an artificial sequence (real sequence).

Life: The life in rummy card games is the minimum arrangement of cards upto which the player’s hand is regarded as a full hand.

Meld: An arrangement of cards of different signs but of the same value is referred to as a meld. For example, a 6 of hearts, 6 of spades and 6 of clubs together form a meld.

Full Hand: If the opponent completes his hand before you have completed your life, your hand is regarded as a full hand. Maximum points are calculated for your hand.

False Call: If you call for rummy before completing your hand, it is referred to as a false call.

Joker: A joker in rummy card games plays the same role as wild cards in Uno. Joker can be used instead of any card to complete melds or artificial sequences.

Pulled Out Joker: The player next to the dealer pulls a random card from the deck to play the role of pulled-out joker. For example, if the player pulls a 3 of clubs then all 3s are used as pulled-out jokers. These play the same role as other jokers.

Open Card: The card topmost on the deck is left open by the dealer. The first player may either pick the open card or the card next to that in the deck.

Disposed Pile: Each time a player picks a card, he needs to dispose another card in exchange. The pile formed by all the disposed cards is referred to as the disposed pile. Each player is allowed to pick the topmost card of the disposed pile or the topmost card on the deck.

Picture Cards: Cards with pictures on them are referred to as picture cards in rummy. The K, Q, and J of all signs are picture cards and have a value of 10 points each.

High Point Cards: Cards that have higher point value are referred to as high point cards. The cards from 6 to 10 of all signs are regarded as high point cards. Apart from these, all the picture cards and As are high point cards.

Low Point Cards: All cards with lower point value are referred to as low point cards. The cards 2, 3, 4 and 5 of all signs are low point cards.

Day 2: After That, You Must Explain the Rules of Rummy Card Games

When you explain the rummy terminology, the player also understands some rules of rummy card games. You can now move on to explaining the remaining rules of rummy card games. You need to explain to them how life is crucial in all the series rummy card games. You should also explain how the rules for life differ in each variation of rummy game.

You also need to show the player how the points are calculated for rummy card games. This will help the player understand the significance of points in different rummy card games.

Day 3: Show Them A Few Demo Rounds of Indian Rummy

Explaining the rules of the game will give them a rough idea about how the rummy game works. However, you need to show a demo so that they get a practical perspective about the rummy card games. Play the rummy games in front of them. They will understand how you are forming sequences and melds. They will also get a hint on ways to manage the points in the hand.

Day 4: Show Them Wise Use of Jokers

Jokers can play a significant role in rummy victory. A new player may misjudge the importance of jokers. It is best that you show them how to make wise use of jokers. Show them how you can reduce points in the hand by using jokers. Show them how to make the optimum use of jokers to complete the hand in time.

Day 5: Teach Them to Observe Moves and Derive from Them

Once the player understands all the basic rules of the game, you can move to the next step. You can explain how observing the opponent moves can help you win the card game. Explain to the player what the different moves of the opponent could imply. Show them how the cards disposed by the opponent reveal facts about the cards in the opponent’s hands. Tell them also what to understand when the opponent disposes a low point card. All these facts will help the player understand the nuances of rummy card games.

Day 6: Answer Any Questions Posed by the Novice

Till now, the novice player has been listening to your instructions. He has been grasping the information you are providing. Now, it is time to allow him to ask any questions he may have about the card game. He could have questions about the right way to make sequences. He may ask queries about rules regarding jokers. Some of the queries may sound silly to you but regardless you need to answer them.

Day 7: Encourage them To Play Rummy Card Games

Once all the doubts of the novice player are cleared, you can surely encourage the player to practice rummy card games. You can then tell the novice to download some good rummy gaming app such as Khelplay Rummyapp where they can practice rummy gaming. The practice rummy sessions help to furnish the existing rummy gaming skills. Once the player installs the Khelplay Rummy app, he will also have a platform to ask all his rummy queries. He can play rummy with different people online. This will help to further sharpen his rummy gaming skills. It will also help the player gain confidence in his rummy card game abilities.